Have a luxury reflexology treatment with the magic of grapes !

We move in your location, in Bordeaux and Aquitaine area

the feet reflexology

Discovered more than 2300 years avt-J.C, the reflexology effects are wellknown to contribute to homeostasis of the body, stimulate the blood circulation and relax all the body functions and the mind.

The grape seed oil

Organic grape seed oil is made from grape seeds after cold pressing. This is a strong moisturizer for the skin and contains a lot of vitamins, antioxidants and mineral salts.

your wine flavour

Do you like wine? We have created amazing scents that combined with an organic neutral oil, will offer you the great sensation of having the extras "flavour of wine". Like a degustation!

Our scents advisor

Les Olfactines is a great perfume workshop in Bordeaux. Using most of part natural and amazing scents. Our delicious smell of wine that you'll discover for your reflexology are created here! There are unique scents mix specifically design for us and based on the wonderful wine scents. Thanks to Clémentine! Les Olfactines

All the oils that we use are organics oils. Wich made our products 95% organics minimum. We think that it is really important to preserve the energy of the plants to offer great benefits to enhance the skin.